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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reaction to Third Gubernatorial Debate

Statehouse Snippets: Debate raises questions
Republican candidate for governor Jim Nussle tried a new line of attack in his debate with Democrat Chet Culver Monday night. It's called the "Leadership Experience Gap," or LEG, which sounds like something the boys at the Pentagon came up with. ... This new line of attack raises some obvious questions. First, is it good strategy to paint your rival as an inexperienced outsider ahead of what is shaping up to be a throw-the-bums-out, narion's-on-the-wrong-track election? Is touting your long ties to a highly unpopular Congress really going to get you the crucial votes of independents who might decide the election?

Radio Iowa - The Blog: Fiesty debate in Davenport
Tonight's gubernatorial debate featured a feisty Jim Nussle (the Republican in the race). Nussle opened by directly questioning whether rival Chet Culver (the Democrat) has what it takes to be governor. Culver, in turn, repeatedly mentioned that Nussle was a Republican congressman. (Nussle himself asked the organizers of their last debate NOT to refer to him as congressman. It made for a really awkward opening introduction in which Culver was introduced as "Secretary of State Chet Culver" and Nussle was simply introduced as "Jim Nussle.")

Iowa True Blue: Listening to the Culver-Nussle Debate on the Radio
Just a moment ago, Chet hit a GRAND SLAM. Congressman Nussle clearly knows he's behind, and is being extra petulant, patronizing, and negative. When Chet had an opportunity to ask Congressman Nussle a direct question, under the debate rules, Chet took the high road. Let's not engage in shrill negative attacks, Chet said, very graciously. Iowans are fed up with personal attacks. Why don't you just tell the audience something they might not know about you? The audience literally burst into applause. Congressman Nussle, despite this gracious question, just continued his negative and venomous attacks. This might be remembered as THE moment Chet won the election.

Krusty Konservative: 3rd Gubernatorial Debate
This was actually the first debate, not the third debate. The kandidates were asked questions, then the other could respond, and then the person who was asked the question first was allowed a rebuttal. ... Once again Culver delivers a canned opening and closing. I've heard it so much, I think could fill in if the "big lug" ever goes down before a debate. ... Nussle is this debate was more aggressive, which was a welcomed change of pace. In the first two debates Nussle answered the questions that were asked of him and ignored Culver's relentless attacks. This time Nussle went right after Culver. He made this debate all about experience.

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