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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Radio Iowa blog: Alex P. Keaton

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa blog
The Chet Culver campaign let it be known late last week that Michael J. Fox, the fellow who used to portray conservative Republican Alex P. Keaton in the t.v. sitcom "Family Ties," would be campaigning on Culver's behalf in Des Moines today. (For you political people, you already know it's all about stem cell research. For the curious, here's the Radio Iowa story on the Fox visit.) With that amount of lead time, one would think the campaign could throw together a nice event. Think again. The Culver camp chose to hold it at Drake University's Olmstead Center, which is the student union, on the second floor in a hall that should have been air conditioned, but apparently was not. There were a number of disabled people in the audience whose comfort levels were not optimum, to put it mildly. Some were forced to sit on the floor. During the more than hour-long wait for the event to start, two women in the front were trading places -- one would sit on the chair while the other sat on the floor, then they'd switch. There were over a thousand people in the room, and Drake security started turning people away at the door.

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