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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nussle & Flow: Nussle Gambles on TouchPlay Gambit

Excerpted from this post at Nussle & Flow
In case you haven't heard, Mister Anti-Gambling himself, Jim Nussle, took a gamble during the final gubernatorial debate, accusing his opponent of having a secret plan to reinstate TouchPlay lottery machines if he is elected governor: ... Jimmy the Hussssssssssssstler give odds on what Chet's hiding from usssssssssssss: 100 to 1: Chet made deal with Osama bin Laden, who plans on buying the discontinued TouchPlay machines and equipping every cave in Pakistan with the "money-making machines." 20 to 1: Donate the TouchPlay machines to public schools, where they'll be used as math manipulatives to help give Iowa's children a jumpstart on their World Class Education. 15 to 1: Replace all of the voting machines in Iowa with TouchPlay machines, with the hope of reinvigorating the voting process and increasing transparency by creating a paper trail. 5 to 1: Ship all the discontinued TouchPlay machines off to Capital Hill and use the revenue to help replenish the National Debt accrued during the past six years. 2 to 1: Chet has no secret plan, sssssssssssssssucker...

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