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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NewsConference: Campaign Season becomes Crabby Season

Excerpted from this post at NewsConference
In the final two or three weeks before Election Day, people get crabbier. And suspicious. And accusatory. Folks will find reason to complain. It is "crunch time." The stakes are high. Many people are working night and day for their candidates or issues, and the strain is starting to show. ... It has gotten to the point where I wouldn't be surprised to receive a complaint that, if the Telegraph Herald carrier tosses the paper toward the left half of a subscriber's front porch, that will prove the paper's liberal bias. Or, on the right half, our conservative leanings. ... One thing has changed, at least in my observation, over the past three decades. It's unfortunate that people seem less willing to accept that folks who hold a different opinion are not automatically bad, evil or stupid. Democracy is about discussion, debate and decisions. Thoughtful people should be able to disagree without demonizing the other side.

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