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Monday, October 02, 2006

New Iowan: Boswell Lost My Vote

Excerpted from this post at New Iowan

Well, my Democratic congressman, Leonard Boswell, voted for the Military Commissions Act (aka the Republican Torture Act). I can get the argument: he's in a close race, didn't dare look "weak" on terrorism. And I can hear the argument: the alternative is Lamberti, who will be worse. My response: either Boswell was in favor of the bill or he exhibited profound moral cowardice.
Follow-up post
Oddly enough, I've gotten feedback on my "not going to vote for Boswell" post. I got chewed out, nicely enough, by a committed Democrat, via email, and received an abusive phone call from some right-winger about my opposition to the Military Commissions Act (how the hell did Mr. Anonymous find out my phone number?) So, weird. I didn't think anybody really read this blog.

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