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Monday, October 23, 2006

Iowa Voters: SoS Candidates Answer [Iowans for Voting Integrity] Questions

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voters
... Having read through them just once, my first impressions are that both have resigned themselves to the use of vote counting software that is a corporate secret (!) and that Hanusa missed a chance to say she supports paper trails. Hanusa is cool with the corporate takeover of election administration whereas Mauro is more critical. ... What do you see as the biggest challenge for the next Iowa Secretary of State, with respect to administering elections? Here is Hanusa's reply: Balancing the public's desire to use available technology to generate fast and accurate election results with the need to generate complete confidence in the entire election process. ... Here is Mauro's reply: ... The implications of policy decisions made with the Help America Vote Act (H.A.V.A), have changed the requirements of the office across the country. The biggest challenges lie with the election equipment and additional human capital to support the equipment.

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