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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Diary of a political madman: Lottery losers

Excerpted from this post at Diary of a political madman

Given the $200 million winner in Powerball and the news today that a woman in Ankeny won $21,000 on a scratch-off ticket, I'm feeling the need to republish this exchange of letters between Ed Fallon and Ed Stanek of the Iowa Lottery: "... I'd like to introduce the latest $100,000 winner from your district. (name withheld) from Des Moines won $100,000 in the Powerball game on May 5, 1998. We, of course, sent him our best wishes along with a check. I thought you might want to offer your best wishes also. ... Edward J. Stanek, Commissioner, Iowa Lottery" [Fallon's response:] "Over the years I have had the particular distress of seeing lottery losers from across our state. Although both jackpot and $100,000 winners only come occasionally, we do have losers on a regular basis. If you have it, I'd appreciate a list of all my constituents who play the lottery and lose."

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