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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2nd CD Debate - Leach v. Loebsack

From Right to Left: Leach v. Loebsack Love Fest
I just finished watching the Leach/Loebsack love fest that some people call a "debate." It merely confirmed my view that if we want to see bipartisanship in Congress, Leach is the one to bring it. Loebsack is a run-of-the-mill left liberal and Leach is a left of center Republican. Leach can and does work with Democrats. Loebsack cannot work with Republicans. If Republicans get what is coming to them in the House, Leach will still be able to work with the Democratic leadership because he has so much in common with them. If Democrats get what a lack of vision has given them, Loebsack will be an ineffective minority member in a Republican Congress.

Century of the Common Iowan: Comments on Loebsack and Leach Debate
I thought Loebsack was a little shaky at the beginning. He was jumping around trying to include every issue in his answers. Loebsack settled down and I think at the end, he came out on top. ... Leach did well...for a newscaster. He did an outstanding job outlining the issues. He used big, important sounding words and discussed both sides of the issues, but when he was done, you weren't sure what he was saying. It was Kerry-esque. Then in his closing statement, Leach quoted from a poem. That may play well in Iowa City, but what about the rest of the district.

John Deeth blog: Debate Daily Double: Loebsack-Leach
They're introing Leach with all his committee assignments and Loebsack with his academic credentials. Wonder if they wrote them themselves? ... Loebsack has lots of details. Solid for single payer. Solid against border fence. Loebsack solid for Palestinian statehood and Bush has fumbled it. Whole problem is caught up in this issue. Iraq is taking away all the attention. Leach is adopting a "on the one hand on the other hand" approach designed to make himself look "moderate." For example, he defends the border fence by arguing that it beats vigilantism and "I see no alternative." Leach is "open to a number of policies" over and over again. Playing into his usual "above the fray" persona. Bashing PACs - but how much does he loan his own campaign?

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