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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Iowa Voice: Republican's Answer To The Netroots

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice

John Hawkins has a post up about the new initiative he and several others have launched. It's called "Right Roots". Here's a brief description:

As you all probably know, the left-side of the blogosphere has endorsed a slate of Democratic candidates and as of last night about 11:59 PM, the "netroots" had managed
to already raise $386,968.31 for them.

Time and time again, Republicans have asked, "Gee, why can't someone on our side do the same thing for us?" In fact, I was asking myself that question a little less than 3 weeks ago and it occurred to me that if no one else was going to put this together, then maybe I should do it.

Go read the rest, and make sure to check out the Right Roots page. Couple of the people they're endorsing are running right here in Iowa, which is good.

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