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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Iowa Progress: 'Straight Talk Express' really a Majical Mystery Tour

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progress

Tuesday, Danny Carroll is hosting a fundraiser in a private room on Grinnell College's campus with John McCain.

It's no secret that McCain has run to the right (Exhibit A), but he has never quite been the hero everyone thinks he is (Exhibit B). But for anyone who is still attached to the idea of John McCain the "straight-talker" (and the "straight talk" motif kind of outlives its purpose when the attribution is plastered all over his PAC web site,, know that the candidate he's shilling for is very much not a straight talker. Here are some of the very un-straight claims Danny Carroll has made:

* Grinnell College students should not have the right to vote for
their state representative (in this 2004 mailing).

* Gay marriage is a bad idea because it would allow two men to marry
for business reasons (in the 2004 Grinnell College SCIPE-sponsored

* He was the reason why Newton - about 15 minutes away from his house
district - got its new speedway and stadium (in the 2006 "Carroll
Chronicle", which Danny sent out in the newspaper in Oskaloosa and

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