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Monday, July 10, 2006

Things Going Round & Round: A question for Bruce Braley -- Will our ten year olds need Social Security in 60 years?

Excerpted from this post at Things Going Round & Round

Every election year when Democrats start to demagogue on the issue of Social Security and "Mediscare" I find myself fuming at the political process. It could be that I'm not keen on having to listen to the federally financed elderly insurance programs for dummies rhetoric.

More likely, it's the absolute audacity of Democrats gaming the issue to scare old people. It's maddening, but what's worse is this campaign strategy seems to work on a few voters every election. The Democrat's nominee for the 1st Congressional district Bruce Braley was given the honor of collecting an extensive amount of free publicity with his turn at the Democratic Response to the President.

He used the opportunity to push the Democrats gloom & doom on the Republicans' plan for Social Security, and he did so without offering a single new idea to head off the looming funding crisis in entitlement programs.

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