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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gavin's Journal Vol. 2: Planned Parenthood Puzzlement

Excerpted from this post at Gavin's Journal Vol. 2

Planned Parenthood is really getting under my skin these days with its baffling political endorsements. First it was an endorsement of Chet Culver. Jill June, president of PPGI, declared, "Let's make it perfectly clear today that it matters more than ever who you vote for. Among the leading candidates today, Chet Culver stands head and shoulders above the rest.

"Note the use of the word "leading," an implicit slap in the face of rival candidate Ed Fallon (who trailed Culver and Mike Blouin in the polls), who clearly had the best pro-choice platform and voting record.

Not only that, I thought at the time, but to endorse a candidate in a crowded primary where multiple candidates are pro-choice is completely unnecessary. I must say, though, that given all the controversy Planned Parenthood carries I'm glad Fallon didn't get the endorsement for his own sake.

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