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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Primary Round-up: Bloggers' thoughts on the primary so far

Iowa Voice: Iowa Primary Results Coming In
I'm a little disappointed that Mark Leonard isn't doing as well as I thought he would. His campaign was one that reached out to Iowa bloggers, but they seemed to drop the ball on that not long after they started it. I know why that happened, but I won't go into details right now. ... One thing I'm noticing in the results so far: Republicans turned out even less than the Democrats, and turnout wasn't so hot for them either. Does this signal the beginning of a non-voting protest come November? Not sure, but it can't be good news if that's the case.

Politically Speaking: Sal, Sal, Sal
If there is a high point longshot governor candidate Sal Mohamed of Sioux City can look back on years from now it is this — with two-thirds of precincts reporting in Pottawattamie County, the second largest in western Iowa, he is in second place of the four candidates, ahead of Chet Culver, who likely could take the primary.

John Deeth Blog: Turnout and Tornadoes

I should have expected a maelstrom from the heavens on the 6-6-6 election.
A few polling places closed for a little bit while the weather moved through.

Radio Iowa: All Politics Is Local
County Auditors around the state are reporting light turn-out in today's primaries -- but that's not the case in Johnson County. Johnson County Auditor J. Patrick White, who's 67 I believe, announced over a year ago that he would not seek re-election, setting up a huge contest among those who wish to replace him. White has held the job since 1983, so it's been a while since Iowa City -- which is home to a law school, by the way -- has had this kind of opportunity. The race has driven turn-out among Johnson County Democrats to levels only exceeded in 1994 when a deluge of Democrats in Johnson County crossed over to vote for Fred Grandy in the Republican primary against Governor Terry Branstad.

JCR Blog: Tornados and severe thunderstorms in North Johnson Co
The National Weather Service is reporting a tornado by North Liberty and funnel clouds along I-80. Hail from golfball to softball size has also been reported. We have a tornado warning here in JC until 4:00PM and one in Linn County just expired. While I hope everyone in the path of this storm keeps safe, I can't help but wonder how today's earlier rains and this afternoon's severe weather will effect turnout, especially as it travels east into our neighboring congressional district.

Century of the Common Iowan: Low Turnout?
I watched the 6:00 news tonight and they said it will be a low turnout and Blouin and Culver are counting on high turnout to win. Blouin might be helped by the higher turnout in the 1st District due to the primary for the US House seat. That means the low turnout might help Fallon out.

Krusty Konservative: Dismal turnout for Dems?!?
I've been receiving emails all morning about low voter turnout in some of the Democrats best precincts, especially on the South Side of Des Moines! Still plenty of hours to vote, but if this keeps up its good news for Ed Fallon, or those of us who want to see it go to convention.

State 29: Touchplay Voting Machines Generating Incorrect Ballots
From the Des Moines Register: A Drake University law professor, Neil Hamilton, reported confusion with the new touch-screen voting machines, which are designed to help voters with disabilities who can't use a pen to fill in the ballot ovals.

Political Forecast: Primary 2006: Camp Culver Victory Celebration at Hotel Ft. Des Moines
Dave Price of WHO TV is set up at Camp Culver over at victory headquarters at the beautiful Hotel Ft. Des Moines. He's got a couple of quick thoughts up at his "Price of Politics" Blog. Where does the momentum lie? We'll see later tonight. Polls close in less than 4 hours. Now is the time that the phone banks at all the campaigns get busy and calling all around. Its crunch time.

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