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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Iowa Voice: Superman "The Ultimate Illegal Alien"

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice

This is what MSNBC has up on their website in the "who's who" section on the movie. Nice. No agenda there, huh?

Maybe they should also mention that Supes didn't sneak across a border (he crash-landed), doesn't go on crime sprees, doesn't burden our social programs by collecting welfare and swamping health care facilities, and as a high-paid reporter, probably pays a butt-load of taxes.

And as Clark Kent, I'm fairly sure he's a legal citizen. After all, it stands to reason that Jonathan and Martha Kent would have made sure he had his "papers" in order as an infant.

But that would be wrong to compare him to, you know, actual illegal immigrants, now wouldn't it? It should also bear pointing out that Superman isn't "living in the shadows" or been driven "underground". He's still out there, flying around for everyone to see.

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