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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Iowa Liberal: Tackles the questions that keep the 101st awake at night

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Liberal

The most difficult dilemma facing conservatives come 2008 will be that if a Democrat gets elected president they are going to have to figure out how to distance themselves from a war they spent five years defending. Asking solemnly if protesting President Clinton's foray into the former Soviet republics was indicitive of being a true patriot was easy enough. After all, the action was under-taken while the cloven-hooved Clinton was in office.

Conservatives also had the added benefit of being able to invoke the UN boogey-men with their black helicopters and their One World Government ambitions. The same cannot be said for our next chief executive. A president from the Democratic party will inherit a war designed by, exclusively voted for, and overseen by a Republican dominated government. How then can Republicans effectively scrutinize what is going on with Iraq? Especially when the good news doesn't immediately start pouring forth from the news outlets disproving their primary thesis that the media is to blame for all of Bush's Iraqi ills?

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