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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Iowa Liberal: Over the hump

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Liberal

Al Gore was on Larry King Live and talked a little about peak oil. It was at the very end of the program so it wasn't in depth. ...

Good to see that the man is at least making an effort, however futile. They may give the Establishment Liberal college crowd around here something else to pat themselves on the back for but hybrid cars really aren't going to solve a lot of problems (don't Toyota Corollas already get 40 mpg?) beyond the immediate concern of carbon dioxide emissions.

Though a majority of it is used in the making of gasoline, liquid hydrocarbons comprise a gigantic portion of the economy not directly related to transportation. Most notably the agricultural sector which relies heavily upon fertilizers, pesticides and plastics that are made directly from liquid petroleum.

Not to mention the diesel fuel it takes to ship heads of lettuce in refrigerated trailers from California to Wisconsin or corn from Iowa down to Plano, Texas to ensure that the crucial soda pop and Frito supply chain isn't disrupted. Like my fellow blogger Jeromy said; I'll feel a lot better when I see an electric tractor!

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