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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Daily Davenport Politics: eminent domain in Iowa

Excerpted from this post at Daily Davenport Politics

House File 2351 reportedly would meaningfully restrict the use of eminent domain in Iowa. This all comes in reaction to the US Supreme Court decision in CT awhile ago.

This particular bill passed by large majorities in our legislature: 83-15 in the House and 43-6 in the Senate (of our 9 local legislators, only Rep Winckler voted "no").

Quite recently, Gov Vilsack vetoed the bill as being too restrictive and suggesting a special session to work out a version more to his liking. Reportedly, the Repub legislative leadership prefers to seek a veto override. According to a Register article, there hasn't been a successful veto override in Iowa since the 1960s. Should be interesting to see this work itself out. If there is an override vote, will enough Demos back their (lame duck) governor and switch their votes? More to come, I'm sure, on this issue!

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