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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Century of the Common Iowan: Local Blogs Will Lead the Way

Excerpted from this post at Century of the Common Iowan

This week I came across 2 articles about the power and influence of blogs on the political scene. The first was posted on DailyKos about the need for local blogs. The author states that, "Unless you are a big-time blogger, get a job with a big-time blogger or major media outlet or have some kind of national-level expertise or connections, you shouldn't spend all your time blogging about national issues.

"The author then explains why small time bloggers should not focus on national politics. Here are 3 reasons why...

1. It's been done...The blogosphere is a crowded place and it is really crowded at the top, where there are a lot of blogs handling national issues.

2. You're needed elsewhere...In all likelihood, there are few people covering politics in your state in an in-depth manner. You can fill that void. National elections are won at the state and local level.

3. You'll have more success and fame elsewhere...There is a demand and a market, but little competition. How better to make a name for yourself.

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