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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blogging the GOP Convention

The Johnson County Republican blog was on hand at today's convention, filing a series of quick updates.

See selected posts:
Our next governor, Jim Nussle
The Democratic nominee said the focus on this election should be on beating Jim Nussle. I reject that. The focus should be on Iowa.
1. Energize Iowa's education
2. Energizing Iowa's economy
3. Revitalize Iowa's healthcare
4. Energize Iowa's confidence in our government
5. Promote and maitain Iowa's quality of life

The only CPA in the race for State Auditor
Dave Vaudt is up. "My first term has been about fiscal accountability and government accountability... Iowans are outraged at the excessive salaries and bonuses at CIETC. This misuse of taxpayer dollars (under the Democratic leadership [or, more accurately, lack thereof] Tom Vilsack) cannot continue."

Iowa's conservative firebrand
Steve King got a huge response when he was introduced. Can you say red meat?

Great King quote #45,367: "There are probably not 72 virgins in the hell Al-Zarqawi is in. If there are, the probably all look like Helen Thomas."

He spoke on the Kelo amendment "The Supreme Court is the last place the US Constitution should be amended, and that's exactly what they did." Here's a prayer King offered us: I pray that Justice Ginsberg and Justice Kennedy fall madly in love with eachother and elope to Cuba, giving President Bush two more appointments to the Supreme Court."

Radio Iowa's blog presented an unfiltered look at the note-taking process behind the news.

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