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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blogging the Dem Convention

Political Forecast had the broadest coverage of Dem bloggers at the convention.
Braley speaks
Bruce thanks Boswell for the warm introduction. ... Tells Mike Whalen right now: Social Security will not be privatized. That's about the only issue that Mike Whalen might actually know anything about.

And the Culver-Judge ticket speaks
Tom Vilsack says that he wishes we had a public financing system in Iowa, but we've got to raise what we can. The Democratic Governor's Association just gave Culver-Judge $500k and then got a $100k check from Heartland PAC.

Patty Judge is now speaking ... if Nussle-Vander Plaats run a "Karl Rove-style negative campaign" she and Chet will fight back with the truth and the IDP will be with them. Damn she's fierce.

And Culver takes the podium. ... He's explaining the Culver Plan to Lead Iowa Forward. And he's talking about the points offered in it and how things are going to change and how we can do it.

Culver is now comparing himself with Nussle and noticing the differences. Nussle said he was going to Congress to make changes. What's actually changed? He has made some changes, but not in a good way. In 2001 he became chairman of the budget committee. With a surplus that he managed to turn into a deficit of $400 billion in four years. We have a $9 trillion federal debt.

Gov. Vilsack speaks
... This speech is definitely beginning to feel like his going-away speech, which to some extent is the truth. This will probably be the last time he commands an Iowa audience like this until he starts campaigning 'officially' for President.

Talking about the 8 years of accomplishments and fulfillment of campaign promises. ... "An opportunity lies before us." One that's been waiting for us, Democratic control after 42 years of divided or Republican control. "Speaking of cronies, will you allow to talk about Jim Nussle for minute?" Good laughter from the crowd. Calls Jim Nussle a hustler and is going to talk about his hustling.

Radio Iowa ran with "live-blogs" of key convention speeches.

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