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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blog for Iowa: Culver on LGBT

Excerpted from this post at Blog for Iowa

Culver has been saying he doesn't want to look like he waffles and look weak in the face of the Nussle attack dogs on this subject.

Culver can easily avoid 'flipflop' labeling on the LGBT same-sex marriage issue by publicly saying in a press release: "I strongly support equality and civil rights legally across the board for all Iowans - minorities including the LGBT community - and believe in making sure same-sex couples and family rights are secure and protected in Iowa. But I will not retract my statements about civil unions or marriage."

As someone tasked to try to politically organize through the IDP the LGBT community, my mission has become more difficult in getting the marginal and independant LGBT voter out to vote or interested in registering when looking at his history of public statements and refusal to publicly address his most recent anti-same sex couple statements.

Saying it's Nussle's(the devil) so vote for the Culver(deep blue sea) is not a positive nor affirming campaign message to promote or advocate to potential voters. What happened to his vaunted following in his dad's civil rights footsteps?

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