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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Krusty Konservative: Newt's Chances

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative

Madonna, Cher, Elvis, and Newt. I don't need to list their last names for you to know who I'm talking about, heck I don't have a clue what Madonna's or Cher's last name even is.

Recently former House Speaker Newt Gingrich visited Iowa and keynoted the Republican Party of Iowa's Lincoln Dinner, and was the featured speaker for a bunch of fundraising event in Eastern Iowa for Jim Nussle's campaign for Governor.

RPI's Lincoln Dinner was sold out, and Nussle's events all generated large crowds. While Newt has been vilified by the Democrats and national media, he is still loved by konservative Republicans. Under Newt's leadership he accomplished the
impossible, and took over control of Congress in 1994 with the Contract with America, and for that this konservative will always be thankful.

Now Newt is back, and all signs point to him running for President.

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