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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Iowa Voice: Is Nussle Going To Win Or Lose In November?

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice

Scott at Election Projection has revised his prediction of the Iowa Governor race. He's showing it as a "Weak Democratic Gain". He's basing this on the polls (from a bunch of sources). How accurate will that be? I think Nussle will win in November, and here's why (I also posted these thoughts in his comments).

- First, Nussle hasn't even begun to get into full campaign mode, yet the Republicans are pretty much settled with him, whereas the Democrats are fighting each other tooth and nail with attack ads to win their primary. If you live in Iowa, turn on your tv, and in the span of one hour you'll see more than a few.

- Second, Nussle hasn't really been doing many ads.

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