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Friday, May 05, 2006

Gavin’s Journal: Stupidity at Planned Parenthood

Excerpted from this post at Gavin's Journal

Not only does Chet not stand head and shoulds above the rest, but Ed Fallon in fact actually HAS a record on abortion, which is 100% pro-choice. Patty Judge, Culver's running mate, does not have a 100% pro-choice record. Granted, she just voted for requiring parental notification for minors, which isn't especially controversial (although I would think it would be in the eyes of Planned Parenthood). However, not only is it completely unnecessary to back one candidate in a primary where two viable candidates are pro-choice and the third has no intention on acting upon his personal pro-life views, but it's outrageous to blatently lie about a candidate's qualifications.

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