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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 Maytag Closing: Lamberti vs. Boswell

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So today it was officially announced that the Maytag plant in Newton is closing. This sucks.

Seeing as how Lamberti has been trying to make it a political issue since it came up, I have no doubt that he'll be trying to turn this on Boswell. Too bad he's been wrong on it the whole time.

It's obvious to any observer that the merger is what killed the plant. Boswell and Harkin tried to stop it; Lamberti supported it:

Third district congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti today visited the Newton home of Maytag and criticized his opponent's call for federal officials to block the appliance maker's sale to rival Whirlpool. Congressman Leonard Boswell and Senator Tom Harkin, both democrats, have asked the Justice Department to block Maytag's sale on the grounds it would create a monopoly.
Lamberti, a republican from Ankeny and co-president of the Iowa Senate, says almost every other alternative beyond the sale to Whirlpool is worse for the community and workers.

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