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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Excerpted from this post at Blog for Iowa

Steve King's most recent venomous rant (Des Moines Register, April 27) concerning a May 1 work walkout by immigrants, legal and illegal, across the nation, will go down in history as a last sickening gasp of a dying breed in Washington: the self-serving fear-monger.

This two-term incumbent Congressman from Iowa's fifth district is free-falling toward reality, and he's going to land very hard in November.

The incumbent's feeble attempts at historical perspective betrayed his utter ignorance of what a strong tool the boycott has been for oppressed people in modern times. The bus boycotts of the 60's, organized by Dr. Martin Luther King which led the civil rights movement forward, and the grape and lettuce boycotts of the 70's, organized by Cesar Chavez, which helped empower migrant farm workers to organize, come to mind as two great examples from current history.

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