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Thursday, March 09, 2006 What's Up with Nussle and Dubai?

Excerpted from this post at

So, even Grassley is skeptical of the port deal. Nussle, on the other hand, voted against even allowing Congressional oversight on the issue.

What up wit dat? Even if you ultimately come down in favor of the deal, it seems absurd to vote against taking the time to look into it. Especially when Bush didn't even know about the deal in the first place.

I'm not feeling the whole "Nussle is a Bush clone" argument, but in this situation as well as plenty of others he certainly comes off as a Bush sycophant. I'd say that's worse. I'm guessing "sycophant" is not a word that polls very well, though, so let the cloning continue.

UPDATE: In today's Register Nussle expresses "concern".

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