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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 No Democrats voted for TouchPlay in 2002

Excerpted from this post at

From Sen. Dennis Black's newsletter 3/16:

"All legalese aside, the video lottery language gave the lottery commissioner, Mr. Ed Stanek, broad and legal powers under the purview of the lottery board, to determine if video lottery (TouchPlay) would increase state lottery revenue. Then, if determined to be financially advantageous, the lottery board was authorized to distribute "pull-tab vending machines" with video monitors across Iowa.

Make NO mistake about it, the language of the bill was very specific, and YES, the legislature knew exactly what they were doing."

... This was in 2002, when the Senate was 21-29 Republican. So HF2627 was a party line vote in the House, and three Republicans joined Senate Democrats in opposition (two Senators either did not vote or were not yet elected to fill a seat, not sure which at the time.)

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