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Friday, December 23, 2005

Holiday Hiatus BlogWatch will be off the week of Dec. 26. Postings will return on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Political Forecast: New Hampshire Dems plotting something?

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast

On Wednesday's post about Dave Nagle's op-ed in the Register and how the NH Dems might react, I mentioned that I wasn't really sure how much of a betrayal they may have felt because they weren't letting people know. And I also wasn't sure how much plotting they were doing. Evidently I don't read the New Hampshire Union Leader enough because it sure seems like they're working on plotting something (from Wednesday's UL):

DrewMiller: Blogwar!

Excerpted from this post at

I enjoy a good dust up in the blogosphere as much as the next guy, so let me insert myself into this little brouhaha between Chris Woods at Political Forecast and Editor at State 29 (who I usually refer to as the gender-neutral State). I'm with Chris on this one all the way. State backs up his or her point with a WSJ editorial. Let's take a look at that sucker:

Blog For Iowa: Group Delivers Petition To Deny the Broadcast License of KGAN Channel 2

Excerpted from this post at Blog For Iowa

Iowans for Better Local Television (IBLTV) are gathering at the offices of KGAN-TV to deliver a copy of their Petition to Deny the License Renewal to Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The petition requests that KGAN-TV Channel 2's application for license renewal not be granted until a public hearing is held to ascertain whether the broadcaster has met the “statutory public interest” standard.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

PATRIOT SKULL FACE: ICAN Gov. Forum - Jan 14th

Excerpted from this post at PATRIOT SKULL FACE

Forum for Iowa's Future Strengthening Our Families and Communities:

Join Iowa's gubernatorial candidates as they respond to an evening of real life stories told by real Iowans.

Mike Blouin (attending)
Chet Culver (attending)
Ed Fallon (attending)
Patty Judge (attending)
Sal Mohamed (attending)
Jim Nussle (invited)
Bob Vander Plaats (invited)

InMuscatine: I'm Shocked All Right

Excerpted from this post at InMuscatine

"Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Ia., said in a statement that the spying was wrong,
even if Bush had been given authority by Congress to pursue terrorists...

The only thing you should be shocked at is Harkin's putting party and
politics ahead of the country. It is well established at this point
Democrat Presidents have "abused" this power to a far greater degree than
any Republican President.

Blog for Iowa: Group Delivers Petition To Deny the Broadcast License of KGAN Channel 2

Excerpted from this post at Blog for Iowa

Iowans for Better Local Television (IBLTV) are gathering at the offices of KGAN-TV to deliver a copy of their Petition to Deny the License Renewal to Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The petition requests that KGAN-TV Channel 2's application for license renewal not be granted until a public hearing is held to ascertain whether the broadcaster has met the “statutory public interest” standard.

Television station licenses are granted by the FCC for an eight year term.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

John Deeth Blog: A must read for anyone interested in Iowa politics

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth Blog

Anyone know who Nagle likes for governor? The analysis is right: New Hampshire's fate and Iowa's are joined, and New Hampshire WILL leapfrog. I repeat myself: it all comes down to whether the candidates honor the official calendar or not.

InMuscatine: Grassley's Out for... Something

Excerpted from this post at InMuscatine

"Grassley said he will study the issue himself, take part in the hearings and also try to determine if leaders in Congress who were briefed about the spying had knowledge of the program. 'Did any of them express support or opposition to him? I'm entitled to know that,' said Grassley...

The blog-o-sphere is already making the case that Jimmah Carter had the
authority, so there is no reason Bush shouldn't have it as well. Where I will jump on board with Grassley is on one point...


Excerpted from this post at Hawkeye Republican

Nussle Volunteer E-mail Czar Nick Ryan certainly keeps the base energized with weekly upates and quick notes of our Nussle's newsworthiness.

Just in case you missed it, President Bush praised Congressman Jim Nussle's leadership, which could be a negative or positive thing depending upon your theory on poll numbers and coat tails.

In a statement about hurricanes, the perennial favorite terrorism and everything else, Dubyah splashed, "I also applaud the House for being wise with taxpayer dollars and approving a significant reduction in spending on entitlements."

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Political Forecast: Exposing Nussle's fundraising

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast

No Nussle Blog has more on Jim Nussle's contributors, this time oil giant
Exxon Mobil. It's pretty hypocritical to support renewed investment in
renewable energy sources in Iowa, yet accepts lots of contributions from
one of the world's worst companies-they deny the existence of global
warming and pay scientists to do research and studies that try to prove
that global warming doesn't exist.

Iowa Political Watch: Bush's Iowa Popularity Hits 'All-Time Low'

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Political Watch

In the biggest news of the day for all of you (like us) who druel over and
dissect polls (despite the fact that polls don't mean anything). That
news? The Register has released their latest polls numbers for President
Bush here in Iowa and, despite their going up nation-wide, they have hit a
new low.

Washington Post Politics Blog: The Fix: Romney News Shakes Up Governors Rankings

Excerpted from this post at Washington Post Politics Blog

Iowa -- OPEN, Gov. Tom Vilsack (D) is retiring: This race drops
a spot solely because of Romney's announcement. Republicans have a right
to feel good here as Rep. Jim Nussle (R) is running a strong campaign
(though Bob Vander Plaats's (R) campaign is showing some life, attacking
Nussle on his stewardship of the nation's budget while in Congress). The
Democratic race is more wide open, although secretary of state Chet Culver
seems to be bouncing back from a slow start; Culver also likely got a
boost from a recent independent poll that showed him giving Nussle the
closest race of any of the announced Democrats. (Previous ranking: 3.)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hawkeye Republican: Congrats Bono...Oh yeah, and you too, Bill and Melinda

Excerpted from this post at Hawkeye Republican

PEOPLE OF THE YEAR: Who are clearly plotting to takeover the world...
Read about their evil scheme here. DNC Christmas Party

Excerpted from this post at

Through sheer happenstance, I was invited to the DNC Christmas Party. Once
again, mostly interesting to me, but I think some readers might get a kick
out of the drink list:

Blog for Iowa: Braley on DailyKos: Taking Back IA-01

Excerpted from this post at Blog for Iowa

Hi, my name is Bruce Braley and I'm running to win an open seat race in Iowa's 1st Congressional District.

I've been asked by several members of the dKos community to introduce myself, so I'm posting here the profile I wrote for Democracy for America's Grassroots All-Star competition, where we finished in the top 10 among over 60 progressive House candidates nationwide.

My race has been targeted as one of the top pick-up opportunities in the
country by many people, including several on this site.

Friday, December 16, 2005

State 29: Get An Unlisted Phone Number, David Oman's Calling For Your Wallet

Excerpted from this post at State 29

Too bad one of us didn't win the Powerball. We'd use our quickie fame at the press conference to drill Con Man Oman, Filthy Ray, Dirty Knappy, Vilsack, Lameberti, Steve "The Combover" King, Jim Ross Nussle, and the Gannettoids at 715 Locust a few new holes.

Mainstream Iowan: Addressing The Issue Of Capital Punishment

Excerpted from this post at Mainstream Iowan

Iowa is only one of twelve states which does not have the death penalty in the United States. The other states are: Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

John Deeth Blog: SEIU endorses Blouin: WTF?!?

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth Blog

Very disappointing that an organization dominated by health care professionals is supporting an anti-choice candidate. This is going to make things really interesting in Johnson County: a stronghold for both anti-Blouin sentiment AND SEIU membership... I have a bad feeling it's going to be deeply divisive within the Johnson County party.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

things going round & round: Gronstal: A little AC-DC on the gays & lesbians in love thing

Excerpted from this post at things going round & round

Lambda Legal's challenge to Iowa's Constitution has produced some
political tap dancing from Majority Leader Wannabe Mike Gronstal.

"I still believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman."

"The current law is supported by most Iowans. In fact, an overwhelming
majority of legislators - both Republicans and Democrats - have already
voted for the state law that bans gay marriages in Iowa."

While the Democratic politicos dance around the push to go left on gay marriage and other issues, people outside of Iowa know exactly what's happening here.

PATRIOT SKULL FACE: Nussle Watch: Food Stamp Trafficking Not a Problem

Excerpted from this post at Patriot Skull Face

I work for a local hunger relief non-profit that serves 42 counties in Iowa and I spend a good deal of my time on anti-hunger advocacy. I've been at this job a little over 2 1/2 years, but if there is one thing I've learned, it's that Jim Nussle is no friend to people in poverty.

But no matter how draconian these measures are in a time of growing poverty and need, Jim Nussle is lying about the nature of the cuts. NONE of the provisions would reduce the virtually non-existent problem of "trafficking" or "fraud."

Iowa Voice: Still Think There Isn't A War On Christmas?

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice

Browsing around the liberal blogs and media websites, you get nothing but disdain from them. They think the actual "War on Christmas" is coming from the right.

They think that we are trying to ram our beliefs down their throats. Well,
no, we're not. We're trying to reclaim this Christian holiday that has
been P.C.'d to death over the years.

Here in my area, the schools USED to have a Christmas pageant, or a Christmas concert, where all the little kids sing the usual Christmas songs: "Joy To The World", "Silent Night", etc.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 Iowa Democrats - Not Breaking Any Stereotypes

Excerpted from this post at

So in addition to me and Chris Hall (two white guys) we have 3 more white guys and a latino guy in our Iowa delegation to this training. I think all those people might have had a point about our state and diversity. Technology Bonanza

Excerpted from this post at

Diebold going down? CEO Wally O'Dell resigns after news of SEC litigation against the company. Yes, this is the same guy who said that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President."Good riddance.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Iowa Political Watch: And Then There Were 4

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Political Watch

In frontpage fashion, the Register trumpets that Iowa's shrinking population, coupled with the growth in the Sun Belt will mean that Iowa will lose a congressional seat after 2010 census. You should read this entire article whether Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Independent, Libertarian, Green, or Bull Moose Progressive. 2004 Caucus Staffers - Where Are They Now?

Excerpted from this post at

The Hotline knows: Jonathan Epstein, who served as John Kerry's IA field
director, now manages the MD Gov campaign of Martin O'Malley. Kerry's IA
pol. dir. Mike Malaise is helping ex-Rep Nick Lampson run for Tom DeLay's
house seat. Ex-Sen. John Edwards' '04 IA campaign has bequeathed a large
and talented cadre of operatives. Field director Jennifer O'Malley, who
got her start working young colleage Gore-ites in NH in '00, is now the
campaign manager for Rep. Jim Davis's FL Gov campaign. Another vet of the
IA campaign, deputy pol. dir. Knapp, Elwell, and Culver

Excerpted from this post at

I got this one pretty wrong - Elwell is nowhere near the donor that Knapp
is. Follow The Money has much more comprehensive donation figures than
CRP, and it pegs Knapp's donations at ten times or more than Elwell's for
in-state contributions.In other Knapp news, Cityview actually published
something on the controversy with a name behind it. It's mostly a bunch of
conjecture and allusions to seediness with no explanations; an example:No
individual has given more money to Tom Vilsack than Bill Knapp.

demiowa: Interested in meeting Gov. Warner

Excerpted from this post at demiowa

Or better yet, interested in possibly hosting Gov. Warner? He is planning
on making a foray into Iowa in Jan/Feb and is looking for possible hosts.
My understanding is the only requirements is it be open to the public and
this time of year be able to host 20-30 people if lucky. (The closer to
caucus the bigger the expected turn out.) If you, or anyone you know,
might be interested just leave an email address or other contact
information and I will forward it on.

Monday, December 12, 2005

InMuscatine: Basu Screws the Poor

Excerpted from this post at InMuscatine

In a stunning display of a lack of ability to think through any argument,
Rekha Basu has a solution for the problem of child care in Iowa - raise
the pay of the providers until their services are out of reach of the
poor! Nor can private-paying families offset those losses, since Iowa is such a
low-wage state. At about $125 a week, most parents are paying all they
can. But bringing in union wages and moving child care out of the reach of the
poor is the solution! And what is Basu holding up as a beacon of hope to
Iowa? A care provider in Chicago! One has to wonder if reality ever
manages to penetrate what Basu laughingly calls her mind. The economics of
Chicago are much different than Muscatine, or Iowa City, or Burlington. State 29's Selective Memory

Excerpted from this post at

State decides to bash Howard Dean for breaking his promise to take away
Iowa's first in the nation status.Only one thing - he never made such a
promise.Not even close. State references a previous post of his or hers,
which references another one, which references this KCCI news article:Dean
will not guarantee Iowa's continued top spot, but after going through the
caucus process and Dean has changed his stance a little. ...“Four years
ago, I didn't know much about the Iowa caucuses system. I've discovered
over the last two years is that the caucus system makes it possible for me
to run for president,” Dean said.

Diary of a political madman: There's an interesting debate getting started

Excerpted from this post at Diary of a Political Madman

There's an interesting debate getting started on the ethics of
ghostwriting and I wanted to weigh in on it. As it turns out, the ethical
question centers around Ryan Doll's Ames City Council campaign and Drew
Miller. It all started with this post on Drew's blog, where Drew provided
a list of letters he had ghost-written for others to the Ames Trib and ISU
Daily. He initially posted them with the name of the "sender" attached.

Friday, December 09, 2005

John Deeth Blog: Got a phone call last night from the Fallon campaign

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth Blog

Got a phone call last night from the Fallon campaign. They asked if I was going to caucus for Ed.


This strategy can hardy be a secret if they're making lots of calls like this, so I'm not letting any cats out of any bags. I'll note that I haven't gotten any other calls from any other campaigns yet.

InMuscatine: Good Scrooge / Bad Scrooge

Excerpted from this post at InMuscatine
Brian at IowaVoice is down on his luck. Ok, so I am not the most powerful kid in blogging, but I do know right from wrong. If the details are as Brian represented them - and I have no cause to believe they are not - then he is the victim of evil.

In my world, there is NO excuse - zip, zero, zilch, nada - for firing someone with two weeks to go before Christmas. To do so is evil.

I have never been a big believer in charity. You want sumpin? Go work for it! Therefore, I am going to buy an ad on IowaVoice. He has the stats, my money appears to be well invested, and the return looks to be well worth the money. Ryan Doll Action

Excerpted from this post at

During the Ryan Doll campaign, my official title was "communications director," mostly because we couldn't find anyone else to do it. (I also went by "senior political advisor", although no one ever called me either.) In that role I basically determined our messaging and then wrote everything we published (brochures, flyers, press releases, etc.). The only thing I didn't really have an editorial hand in was the television commercial.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Iowa Voice: Why The Minimum Wage Is A Bad Idea

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice

Senator Enzi is spot on with his take on the minimum is a killer to most businesses, and in fact it hurts people more than it helps.
I have worked for nearly twenty years in restaurant management. I see this every single time the minimum wage goes up: we raise prices to compensate for the rise in wages. We pass the cost on to the customer. We also end up not hiring as many people as we'd like, because we can't do that and still hit our labor cost goals. We may also end up letting some people go.

So two things happen when you get a hike in the minimum wage: First, people pay more because businesses pass the expense off to the consumer. In effect, the cost of living goes up. Now, is that beneficial to anyone who is actually making minimum wage? No.

InMuscantine: What a Tool

Excerpted from this post at InMuscantine

"There's a free new tool for Iowans who want a detailed map of registered sex offenders living nearby: Users can type in a specific address and get a map with red balloons that pinpoint neighboring offenders' homes, photographs of the offenders and details about the severity of their crimes." Register Pushing Right-wing Line

Excerpted from this post at

I had an uneasy feeling about this guest column opposing municipal broadband in the Des Moines Register when I read it, so I've left its Firefox tab open for the past five days.For starters, it's just poorly written. It begins with an ad hominem attack on those who disagree with the author, accusing them of name-calling. He then goes on to cite a study published by his right-wing think tank; this study, of course, has not been subjected to peer review. It's author is a former consultant for private telecommunications companies, according to this rebuttal from Spencer Municipal Utilities. This rebuttal was published a month before the column, so it's not like the Register didn't realize there were other opinions out there.In general, I think it's a bad idea to let partisan organizations publish opinion pieces citing only their own research. It's too easy to cook the books and in the process muddy the debate instead of moving it forward. Perhaps there's a good reason why I'm wrong, but I can't think of it off the top of my head.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

State 29: Congratulations Leonard Boswell

Excerpted from this post at State 29

Congratulations go out to Leonard Boswell for being the most absent member of the 109th Congress when it came to voting. We can only hope that Boswell will be re-elected in his race against Dirty Lamberti so that he can continue to miss even more votes. We love politicians who fail to show up for work. The more they stay away, the less damage they do to us taxpayers.

John Deeth Blog: Rainforest: Mistrust ran deep

Excerpted from this post at the John Deeth Blog

As the rainforest continues its death rattle, the Gazette offers several juicy tidbits:
*City and area economic development leaders here wanted the $180 million Environmental Project rain forest's executive director to resign quietly in April after they saw no tangible progress in fundraising and project planning, a document The Gazette obtained reveals.
*The request that David Oman resign as executive director came from leaders of the Iowa City/Coralville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce and Iowa City Area Development Group and was supported by Coralville City officials, a briefing written in April by those groups and interviews indicate...
Coralville's local legislators told city and economic leaders they were ''the laughingstock'' of the Legislature and had serious communication problems with Oman. They also said they would not support any Vision Iowa grant application for the rain forest unless Oman was replaced.

The Mind of Irish Walsh: Harkin/Abramoff scandal

Excerpted from this post at The Mind of Irish Walsh

The Associated Press reported Friday, Dec. 2nd that Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA)
is under investigation for corruption. The Des Moines Register has yet to
report the incident:The Justice Department is examining the proximity of
donations to congressional action as part of its investigation of
Abramoff's activities. The Senate Indian Affairs Committee, while
investigating allegations that Abramoff cheated the tribes out of tens of
millions of dollars, has steered clear of examining specific members of
Congress.The letters to the Interior Department and National Indian Gaming
Commission between June and November 2003 came as Harkin's campaign and
political action committee harvested donations from Smith* and Greenberg
Traurig tribal clients.Harkin twice used Abramoff's skybox for fundraisers
— once in 2002 and again in 2003 — without reimbursing.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

State 29: Willard Jenkins Won't Run For Re-Election

Excerpted from this post at State 29

According to the Waterloo Courier, Willard Jenkins, a Republican Statehouse member from Waterloo, won't seek re-election this fall. Good riddance. ... Jenkins, who eventually rose to be the Chair of the House Commerce Committee, was also a big proponent of taxpayer-financed corporate welfare and allowed legislation that enabled communities to hike taxes for schools via local option sales tax referendums.

Political Forecast: IA-Gov: Misreading Paul's move

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast

... it looks like I pretty much misread the movement of Matt Paul (Vilsack's communications director) to Mike Blouin's campaign to manage it: "The Fallon Campaign received a call from Vilsack this morning letting us know that Matt Paul made the decision to leave while he was away, and in fact Vilsack wasn't even informed of the decision until a few days ago. Vilsack is both upset about Paul's departure and intent on letting the press and the world know that he neither condoned nor approved of Paul's decision."

Iowa Voice: I Am Against A Flag Burning Law

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice

I better call my doctor, because I think I agree with Kos on something. He posted about Hillary's sponsoring of an anti-flag burning amendment. Here's the article he's mentioning: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is supporting new legislation to criminalize desecration of the United States flag _ though she still opposes a constitutional ban on flag attacks.

Clinton, D-N.Y., has agreed to co-sponsor a measure by Republican Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah, which has been written in hopes of surviving any constitutional challenge following a 2003 Supreme Court ruling on the subject.
Now, before I have a bunch of nasty comments, let me clarify something here. I am very much against someone burning the flag. I hate it and I have very strong feelings against the person/people who do it. However, like it or not, I recognize that it is someone exercising their right of free speech, and as such, it's protected by the Constitution. Paul to Join Blouin Campaign

Excerpted from this post at

Vilsack's communications director Matt Paul, who worked three or four hundred levels above me on the Howard Dean campaign in Iowa, has joined the Blouin campaign. Hotline says he is going to "run" the campaign, so I assume that means he'll be acting as campaign manager. While the Dean thing doesn't exactly bode well for Blouin, Paul can't really be blamed for the mistakes of Jeannie Murray.
Update: He is indeed campaign manager. Also, I don't think it's correct to view this as another example of Vilsack showing support for Blouin, since it was Blouin who introduced Paul to Vilsack in the first place.
Update 2: Chris also sees this as implicit Vilsack support, saying Vilsack wouldn't let a staffer work on a campaign he didn't like. Seeing as how Vilsack pretty plainly supported Kerry while Paul worked on the Dean campaign, I have to disagree with his assessment. Realistic Polling from Rasmussen Reports

Excerpted from this post at

Scott Rasmussen has a poll of Iowa's gubernatorial race that just generally seems a lot more realistic than the nonsense in the recent KCCI poll. Unfortunately it is a lot less interesting, with everyone within the margin of error. He also fails to include Fallon, which is disappointing. (You can email Rasmussen Reports if you want to ask them why they didn't include him.)
Still, I don't think this can be interpreted as anything but good news. Early thoughts on the race were that Nussle would have a big advantage. Right now that doesn't seem to be the case. As time goes on and people realize the damage Nussle has done in DC, The Democratic nominee will have an opportunity to pull away.

Monday, December 05, 2005

State 29: Iowa's Rotten Political Disclosure Law

Excerpted from this post at State 29

Iowa's Rotten Political Disclosure Law: Iowa politicians aren't going to upgrade this system anytime soon. Why would they want the public to easily search and find out who's been paying them off? We're going to guess that every political blogger in Iowa, whether on the left, right, or middle, would think that upgrading Iowa's political disclosure law to embrace technology that was readily available in 1996 is a good idea. The Death Penalty

Excerpted from this post at

I think State Senator Larry McKibben is ascribing a little too much rationality to sex offenders when he says, "[i]f you kidnap someone or rape someone, either one of those is life in prison without the possibility of parole. What is the next logical step move for the kidnapper and rapist to do? Simply murder the victim." Generally, I would only worry about someone taking the next logical step if they were prone to taking the first logical step, which is don't kidnap or rape someone. Apparently McKibben was once a reasonable person, as he was anti-death penalty before it became politically expedient to support it. ...

InMuscatine: Blasting Bambi

Excerpted from this post at InMuscatine

An idea was advanced by a legislator to leverage the harvest into an economic development package. Here's the rough idea - no matter what price tag we put on the deer tags, out of state hunters WILL pay the price. We can put an "out of state tax - if you will call it that - on every license of $10,000 and we know we can sell every one of them. You think I jest, but the State has done the marketing homework. In econ-speak, the demand for an Iowa deer tag is perfectly inelastic. Demand will not drop one iota no matter where we put the price tag. ... the reality is the only reason there was an increase in [deer hunting] tags this year was the insurance companies 'lobbying' the legislature. Oh, sure. In public your legislator is going to make all the right noises and deny everything written here - but the plain, simple fact is your voice wasn't heard on this issue, money carried the day, and yet another innovative idea bit the dust in Iowa.

Midwest Mesopotamia: Bill Knapp, Lt. Gov., glass houses, stones

Excerpted from this post at Midwest Mesopotamia

To the various Democratic officials and blogs who are calling for Nussle to return $1,000 given to his campaign by a disgraced former congressman from California: Be careful not to hold your opponents to priciples you won't want to face up to.

Political Forecast: IA-Gov: New poll shows Culver in good position against Nussle

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast

Scott Rasmussen and his Rasmussen Reports released their most recent polling on the 2006 Iowa governor's race. Here's the breakdown:
Chet Culver 41 - Jim Nussle 38
Jim Nussle 39 - Mike Blouin 36
Jim Nussle 40 - Patty Judge 37
Margin of error: +/-4.5%
So, what do the results mean? Clearly, among the three Democrats polled, Culver has the strongest electability of any of the Democrats in the field. Furthermore, I think it's pretty clear that Nussle is really beatable. All of the results were within the margin of error.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Political Forecast: Death penalty as a political move?

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast

State 29 links to my post about Iowa GOP leaders attempting to bring back the death penalty in Iowa and seems to think that its a political move on behalf of the GOP. He seems to insinuate that by bringing up the debate, Democratic candidate for governor Chet Culver–a proponent of the death penalty–will have to respond in some kind or Gronstal may feel pressure to actually bring the debate to the floor. I don't see that happening at all. First, as Secretary of State, Culver could easily claim its not his position to comment on impending legislation that might be considered at the statehouse. ...

State 29: Mom And Dad Are Fighting Again

Excerpted from this post at State 29

... some very lovely Iowa-centric in-fighting from Democrats. First up is this pointed comment by Beowolf: "The villain in the 2004 is the state of Iowa. The Iowa Caucus picked Kerry, and due to the frontloaded primary schedule (with a week or less between primaries, instead of the longer breaks during previous years), no other state had a chance to second guess that decision." ... Then you've gotta love this followup post by Richard L. Johnson, who was the Hall Monitor for the Green Party in Iowa for a couple of years: "A poorly informed jackass says: 'The villain in the 2004 is the state of Iowa.' want to blame someone for Kerry/Edwards? Look no farther than Terry McAwful and the National Democratic Party... Caucus/Primary Calendar Schedule

Excerpted from this post at

I predicted to one of my friends at the Des Moines Register that there will be no real change in the first two official stops in the Democratic Presidential selection process. I'm posting it here so everyone can make fun of me when I'm proven wrong.

Iowa Geek: Good news, bad news

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Geek

I heard from a friend today that I may have another primary challenger for Iowa Senate District 35 next fall. ... It seems my new primary challenger is Larry Noble, who retired from the Iowa State Patrol with the rank of major in 2001. Public safety, health care and tax relief will be his focus, according to the Ankeny Press Citizen. Net result is still one primary challenger, but one with a much stronger bio. Let's see what I can do...

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